Workshop CNS*2013

TwentySecond Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting CNS*2013

CNS*2013, July 13-18, 2013 in Paris

Relevance of Synaptic Plasticity for Multistable Behaviour in Neural Systems

Organizers :

Alessandro Torcini (Institute of Complex Systems, Firenze, Italy)

Christian Hauptmann (Research Center Juelich, Juelich, Germany)

One day workshop to be held on July  18th, 2013

Description of workshop content

Fluctuating spontaneous activity has been observed in several areas of the brain. In particular, irregular oscillations among more synchronized and less synchronized states appear in the hyppocampus during slow-wave sleep and quiet wakefulness, due to the massive endogenous activation of large neuronal populations. Furthermore, abnormal synchronization processes characterize several neurological diseases. For instance, under healthy conditions particular neuronal populations located in the thalamus and the basal ganglia fire in an uncorrelated manner. In contrast, abnormal synchronization of these neuronal populations causes Parkinsonian resting tremor.

Recent computational studies have revealed that synaptic plasticity is a fundamental ingredient to ensure multistability in neuronal circuits. In particular, spike timing dependent plasticity (STDP) appears to play a crucial role in promoting the coexistence of states with different level of synchrony.

These studies can be extremely useful for the understanding of mechanisms of memory consolidation in the neocortex as well as  for the development of new Deep Brain stimulation techniques.

This workshop aims to provide a forum to discuss the relevance of plasticity for the emergence of multistable dynamical behaviours in neuronal populations . The main focus of the workshop will be to understand the relevance of novel numerical findings  in the field of computational neuroscience followed by a frank and open discussion with experimental neuroscientists.

The workshop will be organized in maximum 10/12 presentations of 25 minutes each plus 5 minutes for questions/discussion. A final session of 30 minutes is planned for an ample discussion. We plan to leave three/four slots empty in order to allow the participants of CNS*2013 to apply for an oral presentation at this workshop.

List of  speakers

A. Torcini and C.  Hauptmann will give a brief introduction and they will chair the final discussion

1) Maxim Bazhenov  (URC, USA) [Abstract]
2) Claudius Gros (University of Frankfurt, Germany)  [Abstract]
3) Christian Hauptmann (Juelich, Germany)  [Abstract]
4) Sylvia Daun-Gruhn (University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany) [Abstract]
5) Rowshanak Hashemiyoon [University of Pittsburgh][Abstract]
6) Stefano Luccioli (ISC-CNR, Firenze, Italy)   [Abstract]
7) Gianluigi Mongillo (ENS, Paris, France) [Abstract]
8) Oleksandr Popovych (Research Center Juelich. Juelich, Germany)  [Abstract]

9)  Alexander Silchenko (Research Center Juelich, Germany) [Abstract]
10)  Alessandro Torcini (ISC-CNR, Firenze, Italy)[Abstract]

Schedule for the 18th July 2013

9.30 - 10.00   S. Luccioli

10.00 . 10.30 C. Gros

10.30- 11.00 coffee break

11.00 - 11.30  G. Mongillo

11.30 - 12.00  M. Bazhenov

12.00 -12.30  A. Torcini

12.30-14.00 Lunch break

14.00 -  14.30 O. Popovych

14.30  - 15.00  S. Daun-Gruhn

15.00 - 15.30  R. Hashemiyoon

15.30 - 16.00 cofee break

16.00 - 16.30  C. Hauptmann

16.30  - 17.00     A. Silchenko

Program in [PDF]