Selected Talks


    R. Zillmer, 'Long irregular transients in diluted neural networks', Biophys05 - Annual meeting of the INFN FB11 research project, Bari (Italy) (September 09, 2005)

    R. Zillmer, 'Transients and synchronization in stable neural networks' 6th Crimean School and Workshops -- Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos, and Applications Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine (May 15-26, 2006)
    A. Torcini, ''Double coherence resonance in single-neuron models'', Brain functions: from basic research to clinical application - Weizmann Institute, Rehovot (Israel) (March 13, 2007)

    A. Torcini, ''Coherence effects in the response of neuronal models induced by correlations'' SPIE - fluctuantion and Noise - La Pietra Coference Centre, florence (Italy) (May 23, 2007)

    A. Torcini, ``Stability of splay states for pulse-coupled neuronal networks: finite size versus finite pulse-width effects'' CNS*2007 - Toronto (Canada) (July, 2007)

    A. Torcini, ``Double coherence resonance in neuronal models driven by correlated noise'', Noise in Life 2007: Stochastic Dynamics in the Neurosciences -- Max Planck Institut fuer Physik komplexer Systeme - Dresden (Germany) (Nov. 07, 2007)

    A. Torcini, ``Emergence of collective behaviours in neuronal networks'', INMED Luminy, Marseille (France) (March 30, 2009)

    S. Luccioli,  ``Irregular transients and clusters formation  in diluted inhibitory neural networks", Laboratory of Neurophysics and Physiology, Paris (France) (December, 2009) [PDF].

    S. Olmi,  ``Collective oscillations in disordered neural networks", Biophys10 :Biology and Beyond, Arcidosso (Gr) (September 09, 2010) [PDF]

    S. Luccioli,  ``Nontrivial collective behaviours  in networks of leaky integrate-and-fire neurons", Biophys10 :Biology and Beyond, Arcidosso (Gr) (September 09, 2010) [PDF]